What is God ?

The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement and memory and brain is the control center of the central nervous system and responsible for processing thought, vision, hearing, equilibrioception, taste and olfaction. Understanding the relationship between the brain and the mind – mind-body problem is one of the central issues in the history of philosophy. Based on materialism school of thought, this post believes that our mental (brain) process are due to neuronal phenomena. Similar to mind-body problem we can describe philosophical theory “god-universe problem” that god could be mind of the universe.

The god-universe problem is organized in following sections:

  • Origin of smallest living creatures (cell) from chemical processes
  • Evolution of Cell from uni-cellular organism to Homo-Sapiens
  • Human mind and God

Origin of cell:

The Cell Theory is one of the foundation of modern biology based on which we humans have brought bio-technological revolution. But how did the first cell came to existence ? Based on the hypothesis of A.I. Oparin, Dr. Stanley Miller designed as experimental test to generate organic macromolecules which are building block for any cell. The interaction of these macrocolecules would have led to pre-cellular life with the formation of nucleic acids. Chemicals made by these nucleic acids would have remained in proximity to the nucleic acids. Eventually the pre-cells would have been enclosed in a lipid-protein membrane, which would have resulted in the first cells.

It took humans considerable amount of time to discover these important aspect of formation of life on earth. Thanks to technology we were able to recognize the patterns and perform experiments to verify our assumptions about the evolution of cell. Lets consider cell to be equivalent to a star in our god-universe problem. We can’t design and perform large scale experiments to simulate the formation of star like we did in case of formation of cell. Though celebrated theory like Big-Bang try to explain the origin of universe and its expansion but many of us are unable to visualize it. In simple terms, the formation of stars are similar to cell : formation of cell involves nuance molecules of Water, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Carbon dioxide and methane where are formation of star requires gigantic compressed masses of gases (hydorgen, helium, oxyzen and others) intangle by gravitation pull.

Single cell to Brain formation:

Biochemically, living systems are separated from other chemical system by two things:

  • The capacity for replication from one generation to another. DNA & RNA as basis for transfer of heredity information and cell replication. Not much discovered about how stars replicate and transfer heredity information but we know that stars are constantly being formed and dematerialize.
  • The presence of enzymes and other complex molecules (hormones) essential to the process needed by living system. Stars have complex nuclear fusion and fission reaction essential for its survival.

Living systems have evolved from single cell to intelligent beings like homo sapiens, more importantly brain. Brain or brain like structure is what control most of complex living organism. Brain is where thoughts, ideas, emotions, creativity is believed to be generated. Brain is what have made homo sapien most powerful race in the history. Living system has evolved from insignificant molecular compounds to highly intelligent brain so have our universe. Our universe has evolved from a singular mass of highly dense gas ball into billions of galaxy. If some few billions years of evolution could create brain then definitely our universe should have evolved some structure like brain. But we humans don’t have that capacity to recognize such structure formed in the universe.

Based on widely believed brain theory, in most living system, brain houses inside thick bone structure know as skull and consist of billions of interconnected neurons. Brain is madeup of special cell know as nerves. These nerves are responsible to transmit information between brain and other parts of body. The information seem trivial. But its only been few centuries that these discovery has been made. Further advance research on brain studies is being done using cutting edge technological tool to study about memory process, thoughts generation and creativity. The research in brain is progressing as we are able to identify some underlying patterns, design and implement experiments to verify our assumptions. But this method is not feasible to study about stars, galaxy and their interconnection.

Human mind and God:

I purpose a model where our universe is a gigantic brain like functional structure: all the stars are neurons, gravitational force is synapse between those stars (neurons), asteroids, comets and smaller bodies are chemical release between synapse. If we follow this model then God must be that gigantic brain. There is currently no way to prove my model. But if our computational power increase in this trend than I believe I can simulate this model in coming 50 years.


How are animals created ? For every living beings, we have evolved from a single cell with footprint embedded on DNA & RNA. Cell is the smallest self-sustainable functional unit of life. There are billions of galaxy in our universe with different shapes and size like cells. We have found that the DNA proteins are distribute in fixed pattern and give rise to different organism based on the proteins structure. But yet we are not able to see the structure of our universe. May be the galaxy has a fixed pattern like DNA strands of human cell. May be the forces like gravitation connect billions of galaxies like the neurons are connected in our brain. As the interconnection of billions of neurons can give rise to mind (thoughts, perception, memory, emotions) maybe the interconnection between billion of galaxies have given rise to super intelligent brain (God) which we are yet not able to recognize.

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