Mountaineering Books Reading List I

"Herzog took his gloves off and laid them down to open his pack. Catastrophically they slid away down the mountain, so he had to continue bare-handed, not thinking to use the spare socks he had with him. Latter, Terray and Rebuffat found out that Herzog's frostbitten hands were horrifying, whereas Lachenal feet were seriously frostbitten.... Continue Reading →

Triple Traverse – I

My brain is signaling the legs to move forward like an arrow from a bow. But why does it feel like the world is violating Newton's third law of motion by not giving equal reaction to my onward action? I am yet to cover a yard. Move. Faster. Nothing. All my effort simply vanishes into... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Climb Mountains?

I was in no man's land. It has already been nine hours since I passed the last safe refugee to retract back to a known trail. I couldn't even see any birds flying up in the gorgeous blue sky. The ever-changing clouds would take shape filled with the horrors of my imagination one minute and... Continue Reading →

Everest Ridge III – A story

Part 1: Part 2: The lows and highs of ocean waves are mesmerizing. So is watching the flight of birds. Simple things like the sound of river streams, the crackles in the jungle, the humming noise of the birds capture our heart. We can comprehend these simple activities in nature. Still, there are... Continue Reading →

Everest Ridge I – A story

Chapter 1 - Mystic Mountains Nature has taught us anything that opposes a force has some enchanting story behind it. Often the force being opposed happens to be gravity. Life forms has to defy enormous gravitational force to accomplish any minuscule work. Trees fascinates us because its stands taller than us defying gravity. Same goes... Continue Reading →


(Should I go back or continue? It's my fifth attempt. If I go back today, to find this type of weather, I have to wait for the spring of 2019. Plus if I figure out the route today, it would be helpful when I come with the cross-country ski gears in the mid-winter. OK. Then... Continue Reading →

Limits to traditions

We feel very proud to listen to people saying "Hindu religion is one of the oldest religion that has survived today." But the important question is "Has it really survived?". This is not only the important question in our religion but this applies to most of the religion that exits today. These thoughts popped into... Continue Reading →


“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart People say give to needy and you will feel happy. But how do we... Continue Reading →

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