journey to solitude (continued)

Gosaikunda and back again (Part II)

“Everyone’s life can be converted into a magnificent novel. Its only about which part of the story to focus on to make that novel.”

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Hello ! – Me

Hello ! Aadesh . Its me sekhar dai – caller

Hello dai. You called me this early morning !!!. What was it ? Is all AIP server ok ? – me

Yes . Servers are good. Are you seriously going trekking ? Please don’t go. I have a great project upcoming for you. I taked with waltham team yesterday’s evening. – Sekhar dai

I am sorry dai but I am currently waiting for bus. I am at bus park headed for gosaikunda. – me

If you can return back, please come back. I promise this new project is extraordinary. – Shekhar dai

I am sorry dai. Yes, I will definitely do the project. But only after I return. – me

After long pause

Ok. If you have decided so. Have a safe journey. – Sekhar dai

Thanks dai. And please help me with me absence leaves. – me

**Sekhar dai is one of the awsome person I have met. We used to talk lot about god, philosophy, mind and science. We used to work together in verisk science lab in holidays. He was our project supervisor. If you are reading this sekhar dai, I have a lot of respect for you. Where ever you are. I remember you plan to build a house near water fall.

The call was disconnected with the last words as “Have a safe journey”

Then there was strange feeling inside me. Should I go back ? Will I be safe to travel alone for these many days? Is this my decision to lie about the trip to family justifiable ? What will happen if I don’t come back ? Some cold feeling crept into me. Yes, everyone at some point in life fall apart. Doubt themselves no matter how strong they think they are. But I said to myself, it will be hard. It will be tough. I might have to fight for my life. Yes, that is why I came in the first place. To experience how is it to live a life with out gadgets, without the social drama. Live in the wild. Live like a animal. Live without boundaries. Simply the feeling of living a life. To experience whats its like to be a real homo sapiens.

I entered the bus. The bus was old and looked like it won’t survive till the last stop. I saw some tourist in the bus. As my bag was too big and heavy, I went directly to the last seat of the bus. Rested my luggages on the second last seat. Grabbed an apple from the bag that Aama had given me in the morning. Eating the apple, I went outside the bus exchanging few smiles with the passengers. When I came back to the bus after some minutes, I started chatting with a tourist. I got to know that he was from Italy and was headed to Langtang trekking route. He wanted to come at the end of the bus so that he could talk with me during the bus ride. I welcomed him and help him to get this stuffs back. His trekking kit was awesome. He had DSLR cameras, a pretty light solar panel and lots of other gadgets. We started talking about what made him come here in Nepal and other common questions.

It was king of exciting and funny that the local people in the bus thought I was a foreigner too. Everyone was trying to speak English with me. I also played with the theme. I replied them in english. After some time, I said I am Nepali. They were amazed. You look like a Israeli they said. I said ‘Thanks’. This incident of people mistaking me for some foreigner was continued till my trip came to an end.

Based on the information from the locals, we would reach first my destination Dhunche around 1:30 PM from where I would walk towards Gosaikunda. The bus journey started around 7:00 AM. The road was in pretty bad shape. Moreover, it has long and continuos turns. That made to feel dizzy and I vomited. After travelling some hours. Our bus came to a stop on a uphill. We came out of bus to inquire about what happened. Based on the local information, few kilometers away in a very narrow road, a cargo truck has tipped off and blocked whole road so that even a motrobike cannot pass. The good news in a caterpiller mover has been deployed in that area to move the cargo truck out of the road.

I was too hungry. I went to a small tea shop and asked for some beans and chowmin. After having lunch we waited for about 2 hrs. We talked with the police about the situation there. They said it will be resolved in an hour. But many hours passed as they said. But still we were waiting eagerly. I give up hope on reaching to some point toward Gosaikunda trekking. It was 7 PM when our bus started moving. The lunch I ate in the noon was not enough for me.

I can hear voices from all around. There was some giggling laugh and voices from elderly aunties back. After few hours I found out that some boys were talking benefits of those women. As it was dark and I was not interested on the events going on the back seat of the bus, I didn’t know the faces of the people on the last seat. But I heard some of the ongoing talks. The boys were talking physical advantages of the women who seemed married based on their talks. Seems like the women was also equally involved in the act and had given approval to them.

Then some disturbing thoughts came to my mind. Isn’t this situation too familiar in Nepal ? Husbands go to foreign land (Dubai, UAE, Quatar and others) in a hope of have a good quality of life for their family. But the money they earn by burning blood in that heat hasn’t been used to uplift the quality of living. Their wifes get involved in scandles and extramarital relationship. The incident that I heard on the back of the bus was not a accident but a social issue that we are facing all over our country. This made me really sad about the situation of our country.

After few more hours in the bus, it was almost empty. There was chinese girl, the italian boy, me , bus conductor, driver and few army people. The tourist were frightened that it was too late from them to get a hotel. Also,  both of them came alone without a tourist guide. Since, in many police checkposts we need to submit information about the tourist, I agreed to help them and go with them to their stop Syabru Besi leaving my stop Dhunche behind. After talking with chinese girl, she told that she came to Nepal to travel after leaving her job. She doesn’t know what will happen to her life after she will return back to her country. I assured that they would be safe even though we will be unable to find a hotel that late as my tent couldn’t easily accomodate three people.

It was 1:30 am in the morning we reached Syabru Besi. We spent around 3o mins to search for hotel knocking on their door. We were out of luck and were now search for some space to put my tent. Then, I saw a light from a hotel. I knocked on the door. A small boy opened the door. He was not asleep as he was watching premier league football. He said that they only had a room and we all need to sleep into a single room. We looked into each other face. Chinese girl , Italian guy and me. We agreed and went upstairs towards room. I placed my bags on the floor. I opened my sleeping bag and placed in between two beds. I asked both of them to take the beds. In Nepal, “Guests are considered as gods. So you please take beds. I can sleep on the floor. ”

It was a good night sleep as I was too tired. Woke up around 7 AM in the morning. Paid the fees to the hotel. We splitted the hotel charge on three of us. I was worried that the bus back to Dhunche would only be arriving at 9AM. I was worried that my adventure was waiting from me at Dhunche and I had to again wait for long as of yesterday. But luckly I found a truck, that was about to leave. I hurried towards the truck and waved goodbye to both of them. But as you know, I am forgetful. Can you imagine, I forgot my tent in the hotel room. Uffff. I rushed back to the hotel room and carried back and jumped into slowing moving truck.

I was on back of the truck. Since the road was not properly maintained, It was very difficult road. Again , the people mistake me for some tourist and was talking in english with me. Even the police men near, Dhunche police post, asked me in english where I came from today. I replied “From Syabru Besi sir. I am headed to Gosaikunda.” . It was around 9AM, I dropped off from the truck. Bought a jumbo Fanta so that it could be used as watter bottle and started my journey. I filled a water carrier that I had brought with me.

Now my journey has started. I was happy. I was smiling. It seems like that I had planned this trip from my childhood. It felt like I was going somewhere I won’t return back. But this time I was not afraid. I was happy that I won’t come back.

I found some kids following me after few minutes I started walking.

“Where are you going? Am I on the right route to Gosaikunda?” – me

Kids replied laughing “Yes, You are on right track. We are going near the river to wash clothes.”

I assume that those kids were not more than 7 years old. They clothes they were wearing were torn off, in bad shape. Again, I was sad to acknowledge, the average family status of our country. Children’s doesn’t have a proper meal to eat, a good school to attend. Plus the major earthquake six months have devastated the life of common people. Before crossing the bridge, I gave each of the children a lapsi candy I was having. They were so happy. I wished them good luck and headed towards the temple on the other side of the river.

The green trees. The vibrant airs. The scent of the woods. The music of the birds. This is what I was missing.

To be continued . . .

The journey has just started. On coming posts, all the readers will travel with  me. To discover themself. To enjoy the nature. To enjoy nature freshness through my memories.


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