Up & Downs

Our life has ups and downs. So does the mountain. Life is like mountains. Very hard to reach to the top. ie. very hard be realize inner self. But once you reach to the top. You can see everything from the top. People often say don’t climb mountain to show how great you are but to observer nature. I do believe climbing mountain is not to show others how great you are but to experience your inner-self. People often argue you don’t need to go anywhere else to discover yourself. If you try, you must be able to find it without going anywhere. Yes, that might be correct. But its might takes longer time to temporary forget everything and search inner-self without leaving our current environment.

Yes, I thought I had strong mentality and wouldn’t be bothered by the tiny life incidents. But everyone has this day, when you forget who you are. How strong are you. Emotions take over you. I found out that particular situations is like you are high on medicinal herbs. I couldn’t figure out any other way than to climb the Y-mountain to get out of this high. So, I stated my journey to mountain unprepared directly from the research lab.

It was a difficult trail. Most difficult trial I have ever been to. The snow was too thick and my whole body would get summered if I fell. Then, it took me around 2 mins to again get back on the feet and started walking. There were points that I nearly gave up. But not. I said to myself “Hang  on. You can do it.” Finally, I reached on the top of Y. Reaching top of Y was not important as to discover myself again. It was during the descent I got my senses back. I realized my mistakes and risk that I undertook risking my life for a emotional stress. I was a fool. It took me whole 6hrs of mountain trail to discover that and that trip was worth it.

Everyone has up and downs in their life no matter how tough they think they are. In those defying moments, do something your inner-self say to do. We are like electrons. To change state, we need energy. To go from down to up mental state, we need some activation energy. For different people, this source of activation energy is different. For some talking to their beloved ones might fuel this activation energy and for others sleeping might provided this energy. For me travelling alone not only provides this activation energy but also fuels my ambition and self-confidence.

Kudos to new me 🙂



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